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Eliminate Chest Wrinkles
        Second Skin Anti-Wrinkle frequently asked questions

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What makes this ChestSavers product so different?
How do the 'Second Skin' Wraps work?
How does this ChestSavers product work against fighting wrinkles?
What are the benefits of wearing ChestSavers?
How does the 'Second Skin' offer breast support?
Is the 'Second Skin' Wrap comfortable?
Can I wear the 'Second Skin' under everyday clothing?
Is the 'Second Skin' visible under clothing?
Will my breasts look different when wearing this product?
What colors are the 'Second Skin' Wraps available in?
Do I order my regular bra size?

Fighting the Signs of Aging Without Surgery
Similar to smile lines and crow's feet, chest wrinkles typically begin with "introducing" a line or crease and re-enforcing it over and over. In approximately 95% of the cases, sleep habits are the culprit when it comes to chest wrinkles.

In the beginning, chest and neck wrinkles are usually more prominent in the morning, diminishing slightly throughout the day. Eventually, they do not fade or go away during the day and, no matter how young and wrinkle-free your face appears, you now have permanent, age-revealing wrinkles and creases.

Although bras that encourage cleavage can result in chest wrinkles, they are usually caused, and increase, due to a woman sleeping on her side or stomach actually pushing the breasts together resulting in wrinkles and creases in her chest which eventually make their way up to the neck area.

As our bodies age, the extrinsic and intrinsic makeup of our skin and tissue weakens and thins, the result of which is a vulnerability to muscle weight that can cause the creases and wrinkles between the breasts, up the chest and into the neck area to increase and become permanent.

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery to hide your chest wrinkles may be effective however, unless you completely alter your sleep habits or keep your breasts separated during sleep, they will return.

ChestSavers 'Second Skin' keep the breasts separated and the chest area smooth and flat while supporting the breast weight during both sleep and active hours.

Your breasts are separated individually, not as a pair.
What does this mean for you?
An Example:
A woman sleeps on her right side almost every night. Gravity causes her left breast to 'hang' downwards toward her right breast. Due to this positioning, lines and creases are formed in the cleavage and up the chest toward her neck.

In this situation, if the user desires, the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' can be used to only lift the left breast up and away from its downward position. She can leave the right breast in its natural position or, if she tends to roll in her sleep, she can adjust both left and right breasts to a completely separated position. Adjusting a ChestSavers 'Second Skin' is easy. Using the hook and eye method you find on most bras, re-positioning takes mere seconds.

Frequently asked questions:

What makes the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' so different?
Aesthetically, ChestSavers 'Second Skin' appear as most other strapless bras. The major difference is the ChestSavers 'Second Skin's ability to remove and prevent chest, cleavage and lower neck wrinkles.

ChestSavers 'Second Skin' Wraps patent pending designs add discreetly encompassed support bands around each cup as well as Optimum Wrinkle Guard straps to adjust each breast individually (please see the Example stated above). Additionally, ChestSavers 'Second Skin' Wraps are a chest wrinkle inhibitor which can be worn under everyday clothing without being discovered as an anti-wrinkle product.

The ChestSavers 'Second Skin' has the capability of being used to separate the breasts, thus eliminating and preventing chest and cleavage wrinkles, or, by a simple adjustment, it can be used as a 'typical' strapless bra with shape and fullness to the breasts.

How does ChestSavers 'Second Skin' work?
ChestSavers 'Second Skin' appear in many ways as other strapless bras, with the exception, as explained above, of the additional Optimum Wrinkle Guard Straps. Discreetly encompassed inside the cups of the bra extending around the top, center, and under portion of each breast is an added thin support band which is basically 'hidden' within the bra itself. These support bands are permanently sewn to the Optimum Wrinkle Guard Straps and are fastened in the back exactly as a 'typical' strapless bra is fastened. Each support is individual, meaning you can adjust one or the other or both simultaneously. In essence, the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' has discreet hook and eye adjustments in the back, one being the 'typical' bra fastener, the other two as individual adjustments for each breast. If no breast separation is desired, the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' can be adjusted to be worn as a 'normal' strapless bra.

Actual before and after photos
How does ChestSavers 'Second Skin' work against fighting wrinkles?
ChestSavers 'Second Skin' patent pending design allows the user to adjust breast separation, individually from one another, depending upon their own specific needs. As explained above, 95% of the time chest wrinkles are due to sleep habits. Keeping the breasts separated during sleep eliminates the 'gravity factor' thus, existing wrinkles and creases fade away and future wrinkles prevented.

What are the benefits of wearing a ChestSavers 'Second Skin'?
Among the benefits the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' has to offer is the ability to eliminate and prevent future wrinkles, appear as a 'typical strapless bra' while fighting to work against those wrinkles, and the comfort to be able to wear the bra during sleep or while active under clothing. Additionally, ease of adjustment and the ChestSavers 'Second Skin's versatility of adding complete breast support while enhancing the breasts is very beneficial to the user. ChestSavers 'Second Skin', Chest Saver Bras and Lingerie are the affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery.

How does the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' offer breast support?
ChestSavers 'Second Skin' add support beneath the breasts at all times. In addition, ChestSavers 'Second Skin' provide support to the inner portion of the breasts, the cleavage area, by separating and supporting the breasts. This 'separation' is completely adjustable by the user to define how much separation the wearer needs to eliminate and guard against wrinkles.

Is the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' comfortable?
Yes. The ChestSavers 'Second Skin' is comfortable and adds adjustable breast support.

Is the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' visible under clothing?
The ChestSavers 'Second Skin' is as visible as any other brassiere a woman would wear. No one will be able to tell that it is different from any other bra when worn under clothing.

Will my breasts look different while wearing the ChestSavers 'Second Skin'?
Yes and No. It depends on how your breasts appear now and what style of bra you currently wear. The ChestSavers 'Second Skin' can be adjusted to your preference. If you chose to "separate" the breasts, the inner breast pad/support still fills the inside portion of the breasts. If you then chose to re-adjust the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' to allow the breasts to be positioned in their 'natural' position, the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' adds the outside appearance of a fuller inner breast (cleavage) area while still adding needed support.

What styles/colors are the ChestSavers 'Second Skin' available in?
ChestSavers 'Second Skin' are available in either black or white. Fabric, design, and back style pattern may vary.

Do I order my regular bra size?
Yes. Whatever size bra you would normally purchase is the same size you would order for any ChestSavers product.

*ChestSavers 'Second Skin', ChestSavers Bras and lingerie eliminate and prevent wrinkles when the wrinkles are due to sleep habits (as described above) and/or from wearing cleavage enhancing bras (push-up bras) or breast flattening sports bras.
**With the exception of normal wear and tear.

Made in the USA

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Get rid of chest wrinkles


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   I just turned forty this year, in the months prior - I noticed a creasing effect in my cleavage and chest. I was not happy. I'm not sure if it was premature wrinkling, but I knew that it was a result of years of sun damage. After trying one product, that was covered in this adhesive goop - and made my skin perspire when sleeping, I did some research on the internet. I had found an open forum of women with the same problem and that's that's how I heard about ChestSaver products. I ordered the "original" ChestSaver lingerie item. After receiving my order, the ChestSaver, I wore it to bed that first night and woke up seeing a visible difference on my chest. The creasing that I had was less noticeable than usual. Let me tell you, after wearing it only a few nights religiously - it had DRAMATIC effects. There's literally no traces of the wrinkles I had before! Though I understand that this isn't recommended, I've even skipped a few nights and still have a smooth crease-free chest and cleavage area in the morning. It's utterly remarkable. It's made me confident to wear lower necklines, and the embarrassment is gone. I recommend the original ChestSaver to any woman who wants to SUCCESSFULLY get those lines to disappear.
Baltimore, MD

Dear Sir/Madam I recently received my purchase of a chest saver - an ingenious and effective product, thank you.
Lancashire, England

Mary, I received this order on Saturday. Thanks so much! I?ve worn it 2 nights so far and the results are awesome!!!
I look forward to future business with you.
Sheila, MO

I received my chest saver yesterday (22/09/2008)!!!
I wore it last night using some bio oil (not sure if you have that in the US) and what can I say!!!
I am SO pleased with the results. You can still see my wrinkles a little bit but they are hardly visible.
I am amazed at the difference. Plus my fiancé thinks it looks kinda sexy! Weird I know! Thank you so much!!!
I can finally start thinking about looking lovely in my wedding dress now without the thought of hideous chest wrinkles!!!
S.A., Engand

I love it. It works! Thanks!
Sarah, Chicago, IL

My husband thinks it's SEXY! I think it works! Thanks a million!. Kathleen, Houston, TX

It worked overnight. I woke up with NO creases on my chest. Thank you.
Lolita, Highland, IL

Yes it works. I like it for the wrinkles I no longer have every morning.
My husband loves it because of how it fits.
Debbie, Oakland, CA

I can wear low cut blouses and dresses again without feeling old. I wear it at night and around the house during the day. Thank you.
Monica, Durango, CO

I feel sexy again. The lines on my chest bothered me but I'd never heard
of a surgery or cure for them. Thank you ChestSavers.
Theresa, Bountiful, UT

It is comfortable to wear overnight and during the day and it works.
Jen, Redlands, CA

I've honestly spent thousands of dollars on my face yet my neck and chest
still looked older than the rest of me. Thank you. Your products have helped
a lot.
Debra, Modesto, CA

I am happy with the service and the products. Thank you.
Linda, Paso Robles, CA

I had to email you. Not only does it work for my wrinkles, my husband (of 18 years)
absolutely loves how it looks on me. Thank you. 2 birds with one stone...;o).
Ann, Medford, OR

My chest wrinkles were turning into deep chest creases. Thank you Chest Savers for getting rid of my wrinkles, Deb, Omaha.

You helped me rid of both my chest wrinkles and neck wrinkles. Thank you. Dawn, Laguna Beach

No more chest wrinkles or neck wrinkles. Laura, New York City, NY

Chest wrinkles and neck wrinkles are no longer a problem for me. Thank you. Deborah, Miami, FL

Great products for eliminating chest and neck wrinkles. Anita, Bellingham, WA

I feel years younger and youthful due to getting rid of the chest wrinkles. Thanks. Bea, Redding, CA

Chest wrinkles and neck wrinkles had been a problem for me for many years. Thank you. Louise, Bakersfield, CA

The wrinkles on my chest are gone. Thank you. Monica, Redlands, CA

I use your product because I don't want to get chest wrinkles. Lisa, Chicago, IL

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written by anti-aging researcher and expert Hannah Love

What causes chest wrinkles? How can chest and neck wrinkles, creases and lines be avoided or eliminated altogether?
One often overlooked tell tale sign of aging are the chest and neck wrinkles, lines and creases. A woman attempting to eliminate these chest wrinkles and neck wrinkles may find the treatment options are few. So how can the chest wrinkles and neck wrinkles, creases and lines be at least minimized, and at greatest eliminated? Or, better yet, how can chest wrinkles be prevented?
The key is knowing how these un-sightly chest and neck lines, wrinkles and creases formed in the first place.

Why do deep wrinkles, lines and creases form on the chest and lower neck areas?

The primary cause of these chest wrinkles are due to sleeping habits. When a woman sleeps on her side, the breasts fall together and create lines, wrinkles and creases between the breasts, up the chest and into the lower neck area. These wrinkles, lines and creases eventually remain embedded in the chest and lower neck areas. Of course, the obvious solution would be to simply change your sleeping habits such as sleeping on your back rather than on your side. However, studies show that while you may initially fall asleep on your back, chances are you will resume your normal "on your side" sleeping habits.
Night after night, the chest wrinkles and lines and creases as well as the lower neck wrinkles continually damage your youthful appearance.
Unfortunately, lotions and moisturizers just don't work. The weight of the breasts is greater than the lotions and moisturizers can guard against.
Fortunately, there is a solution.

How can chest wrinkles and lower neck wrinkles be eliminated and/or prevented?

There is hope for chest wrinkles, chest creases, and chest lines as well as lower neck wrinkles.
The ChestSavers products form a barrier between the breasts during the sleep hours. Thus, a woman can sleep on her side, toss and turn, sleep in virtually any position and the ChestSavers will keep the breasts separated. Subsequently, after a mere day or top of wearing the Chest Savers during sleep hours the age revealing chest wrinkles, chest creases, chest lines and lower neck wrinkles begin to diminish. Additionally, ChestSavers also prevent new chest wrinkles and lower neck wrinkles from forming. If used regularly, chest wrinkles and neck wrinkles can be completely eliminated and avoided altogether.

For all of those women who may feel helpless when wearing low cut tops, dresses, or bathing suits due to those pesky chest wrinkles and lower neck wrinkles, there is a solution!

Chest wrinkles and lower neck wrinkles need no longer be a detriment in your quest for youth and beauty!

Written by Hannah Love