Lip Augmentation Enhancement

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Many women want fuller, plumper lips, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles around their mouth. There are several methods used to augment lips. The lips may be injected with collagen or through fat grafting. Liquid collagen and fat can be absorbed and repeated treatments may be necessary to maintain results over the long term. Now there are also newer, more longer-lasting options that utilize implantable materials such as AlloDerm and SoftForm.

With the implantation process, a natural or synthetic biocompatible material is placed into the patient's lips. In using fat grafting, the fat is harvested from another site on the patient's body, readied and then injected into the lips. With injections, it is usually sufficient to undergo one injection to see the desired result. These results are temporary, however, and may need to be repeated periodically. The success lies in how the injection is administered, and proper placement. When using biocompatible materials, such as AlloDerm, a natural collagen sheet made from donated skin, it will need to be inserted through tiny incisions inside the corners of the mouth. When the implant is in place, it eventually becomes one with the natural tissues in the lip area.

Another augmentation choice is laser lip rejuvenation, which tightens the natural collagen and elastic tissue beneath the lips.

The patient can usually return to normal daily activities almost immediately. For patients who choose a full surgical procedure can usually return to their normal daily activities within a week.

Patients must be aware of the various reactions one can have. Each material used is slightly different and must be allotted for. Because they are human tissue, AlloDerm and Dermalogen do not require patients to provide donor tissue and will not be rejected by the body. Gore-Tex implants are permanent in the body, easily insertable and well tolerated. Temporary procedures like collagen or fat injection are the answer for patients who would like to experiment but not necessarily commit to an implant.

It is important to undergo any skin tests to see if your body will readily accept the procedure or the materials used in it. Allergic reactions may range from prolonged redness, swelling or itching, to firmness at the injection site. There are other possible complications that include bleeding, asymmetry, and migration of the implant. Normal swelling and bruising lasts from 3-10 days.

Collagen injections have a short-lived life span of approximately 9-12 weeks. Fat injections can provide longer-lasting results but are sometimes unpredictable as to the degree of change and may have lumping or scarring effects. Fat injections must be harvested from another part of your body.

Soft-form is a foreign body and may become infected or be rejected. While many techniques exist for lip augmentation, none are perfect.

It is important to speak with your surgeon about the methods and treatments that are right for you. Since lip augmentation is not an exact science, it is important to go to a surgeon who has extensive experience in the area.

For more detailed information please see: Online Surgery.

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