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Eyelift surgery can allow you to look years younger and less tired. Cosmetic surgeries have become safer over the years and the rate of patient satisfaction has increased as well. But eyelift surgery is not the only way to correct wrinkles in the eye area. There are alternatives, both surgical and non-surgical, to the eyelift surgery.

In some cases, your surgeon may recommend a forehead or brow lift, either in addition to or instead of the eyelift. This will additionally open up the eyes, giving you a brighter more awake look. A mid-face lift may also give improvement, with a more subtle result.

Chemical peels and laser resurfacing can also be performed in conjunction with or in place of eyelift surgery. These are considered non-surgical procedures but should be performed by a cosmetic surgeon, nonetheless. Chemical peels use varying concentrations of a chemical called trichloroacetic acid. Laser resurfacing uses one or more passes of a laser over the area to improve the look. Both processes are ?destructive? in nature, but allow for improvement of the skin with the healing process.

A true ?alternative? to eyelift surgery may be acupuncture. There have been studies to prove that acupuncture can improve the health and appearance of your skin. The procedure involves the setting of pins throughout the affected areas. This should be preformed by a licensed acupuncturist.

Many cosmetic lines claim to have created the ultimate eyelift in a bottle. You can purchase creams, gels, lotions, powder and a multitude of other products over the counter in an attempt to improve the look of your skin. Despite the amount of money spent on these products by consumers each year, there is no scientific evidence that these work. Some may improve the look of you skin temporarily, but most last only a few hours.

Perhaps the best alternative to any cosmetic surgery is prevention. Using sunscreen and makeup with sunscreen is an excellent way to keep your skin in top shape. It is also important to avoid using soap on your face. Over-the-counter skin care products are fine - no need to break the bank on facial cleanser. Even using water alone is acceptable, as long as you moisturize. Keep your skin well hydrated using a moisturizer fit for your skin type to keep its elasticity, and remember to treat the skin around your eyes gently, since it is a very delicate area.

Disclaimer: this website is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for a professional medical diagnosis, opinion or suggested course of treatment. Please see your health care professional for a professional medical opinion, and refer to our Disclaimer regarding your use of this website.

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