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SOURCE: Dr. Campos

There are several things that we can do on a regular basis that can enhance our health, improve our looks, and possibly even slow down the aging process.

The first is nutritional. Aside from eating right, that is, the right foods in the right proportions, there are several nutrients that may be beneficial to this endeavor. The first are the vitamins B5 (Pantothenic Acid) and B6 (Pyridoxine). B5 is a constituent of coenzyme A, which acts as a detoxifier in the body. Studies done show a 19% increase in lifespan of rats fed this vitamin. Vitamin B6, necessary in the metabolism of amino acids, acts as a defense (along with Folic Acid, another B vitamin) in the body's homocysteine levels. Homocysteine has been shown to increase the risk of atherosclerosis and consequently heart disease (see link). A study conducted on 80 thousand women showed that those who regularly used these vitamins had the lowest risk for heart disease (Malinow MR and others, Circulation 99:178-182, 1999). A good B-complex supplement should provide the necessary amounts of these two nutrients.

In addition to the B vitamins, there is another group of nutrients that can help slow down the effects of aging. These vital nutrients are the Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's). They are called "essential" because they can not be produced in the body and must therefore be obtained in the diet. There is a general misconception that all fat is bad and therefore must be avoided. This is absolutely not true. While some fats (the saturated kind found mostly in animal products) can be damaging, EFA's are necessary for the production of cell membranes, increasing metabolic rate (burning fat, losing weight), decreasing risk of blood clots, decreasing blood pressure, producing prostaglandins (our natural anti-inflammatory agent), increasing brain function, elevating moods, balancing cholesterol, producing hormones (testosterone and estrogen), decreasing risk of heart disease, and providing energy

The most exciting thing EFA's do though (you ladies will appreciate this) is provide soft, smooth, and velvety skin. That's right, exactly what we have all been looking for. Move over Botox, EFA's are natural and we do not have to worry about possible facial paralysis (Botox = botulism TOXIN which may cause muscle paralysis). Please do not discount this very real danger of Botox injections. Read what happened to these women. EFA's can be found in fish, flax seed, borage, and primrose oils (if you would like to purchase any of these supplements, please contact us.

Anti-oxidants are also important in retarding the aging process. As the name implies, these compounds prevent the oxidation of our cells and DNA by free radicals formed in the body, thus preventing the development of many cancers. It is especially important to take these supplements if you exercise regularly (which of course you do, right?????) as exercise increases free radical formation.

Drinking plenty of water will also reverse the effects of aging. The benefits of proper hydration are numerous, affecting almost every process occurring in the body. In addition to maintaining the health and integrity of every cell in the body, it also acts as a natural moisturizer keeping the skin soft and supple. Water is the elixir of life, and drinking it amply will prevent premature aging.

One final and quite possibly the most important anti-aging tip with regard to nutrition is: do not overeat. This will soon become the cardinal rule of eating, since studies are showing that consuming smaller portions are leading to a longer lifespan in laboratory animals, and experts believe that these results will easily apply to human beings as well. The bottom line is that we all probably eat more than we really need to and leaving a little on your plate can really go a long way in keeping us young and healthy.

SOURCE: Dr. Campos

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