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SOURCE: ABC News / Good Morning America.

April 18, 2006? Self magazine asked 1,300 readers to identify their favorite products for its seventh annual Healthy Beauty Awards. Readers tested approximately 1,200 beauty products, which were limited to those released in the last 12 months.
The products were divided into five categories: Skin savers, body basics, sun stars, makeup marvels and hair helpers. Lucy Danziger, editor in chief of Self magazine, visited "Good Morning America" and she had a shopping list.

Skin Savers: "You can eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise all you want, but you still need great skin-care regimen," Danziger said.

Best Anti-Aging Cleanser: Dove Energy Glow, $5.

Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer: Lancôme Platineum with SPF 15, $132 Danziger said this was the most expensive product on the reader survey. One participant said she saw results after using Lancôme Platineum just a few times.

Body Basics: "Anti-aging is a huge trend," Danziger said. "It used to be just about the face, but now it's about fighting the signs of aging on the whole body,"

Best Body Scrub: Mark Self Mineral Body Polish, $8

Best Anti-Aging Body Treatment: Nivea Body Moisturizer, $9

Sun Stars:

Best Face Sunscreen: Clarins Day Screen With SPF 40, $37 "The more you reapply, the better," Danziger said. "This product uses antioxidant white tea. It's light, not greasy, and testers felt comfortable using it every day."

Best Body Self-Tanner: Almay Sunless Tanning With SPF 15, $10 "A spray-on tan is the only safe tan there is," she said, "and this has an SPF built in. Plus, it's loaded with hydrating cucumber and aloe."

Hair Helpers
Best All-Around Shampoo: White Rain Blossom Shampoo, $1 "It uses green tea, vitamin E, and one reader says it rinsed away buildup from her other hair products," Danziger said.

Best Hair Repair Treatment: Redken Silk Fuel, $16 "Testers said it reduced the appearance of split ends," she said.

Makeup Marvels:

Best Multitasker, Shiseido Color Stick, $28

Best Cream Blush, Rimmel Soft Cream Blush, $3 "It looks natural for women who don't normally use blush," Danziger said.

Best Defining Mascara, Cover Girl, Lashexact Mascara, $7

Best Lip Gloss, Neutrogena Moistureshine, Lip Soother, SPF 20, $7 "Not sticky with great shine," she said. "Hydrates lip. ? The bonus is the SPF."

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